IACD provides a wide array of services to the industrial automation,  and process control industries.  From general consulting to complete turnkey solutions, IACD is your one stop source for:

Our engineers have the knowledge and expertise to assess your needs and help you determine the best solution. 

       Industrial Automation 
IACD saves you time and money.  We can specify, procure, package and configure a custom system for your requirements.  Our system integration services follow a 10 step methodology that ensures you are receiving a solid solution that is on time and on budget, every step of the way.  Click here to view our 10 Step Process

       Programming, Software Development and Integration
IACD develops software solutions that are reliable, easy to use and that will integrate seamlessly into your process.  Our programming is consistent, eliminating the frustration of future development and debugging costs.  You can be confident in your investment, for your software can be easily maintained and expanded as your needs and process change.

       Panel Design & Assembly
IACD's quality solutions are enhanced even further by our control panels.  We can design and build one panel, or a dozen panels to accommodate your system requirements, including UL-approved.

Let IACD guide you through process control technologies.  We provide informational training a number of industry topics, as well as product and system training for your application.  Training may be conducted onsite, or at an IACD facility depending on the application or subject matter. 


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